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Optimum Learning Environments

7905 June Reid Place
Keizer, OR 97303

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The Optimum Learning Environments Charter School is based on a passionate commitment to academic excellence. The Optimum Learning Environments concept is a foundation belief that only through the collaborative effort of family, school and community can we maximize the potential of each and every child. Developing and utilizing each of these key environments will support the academic pursuits of a diverse student population. As students develop the necessary foundation skills they will apply them in three domains; Civic Responsibility, Technology and Environmental studies. Each of the three environments  plays a crucial role in the development of a successful student.

The student will be the beneficiary of a collective effort to foster academic success; develop technological skills; manage natural resources; develop leadership, collaboration and problem-solving skills; and display ethics and integrity. The instructional program will utilize research-based successful practices and a thematic approach that incorporates technology, service learning and environmental science.

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